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Digital "Fast Cars, Guitars Tattoos and Scars"


The Roots Music Arizona trio releases their latest album Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars.Voodoo Swing remains faithful to retro, roots music and traditional American rock'n'roll: painting rich contemporary nuances with greasy touch of darkness. 14 tracks + booklet

This offer contains:

-Down at the Oak
-Fast Cars Guitars Tattoos and Scars
-When Death Comes A Callin'
-My Rockabilly Martian Gal
-Seein' Double Boogie
-I'm Your Honey Bee
-The State I'm In
-Damn I'm Dumb
-Cruisin' With My Baby
-If You Ever Want To Come home (feat. Pat Roberts)
-Tell Her Hi For Me
-Lost Yesterdays
-Chasin' The devil's Hot Rod
-Hot Rod Hymn
-booklet Album "Fast cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars"

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-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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